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The Parish of Heart of Jesus & Mary Parish

The Untold Story of
The Parish of Heart of Jesus & Mary Parish

This article is all about the history of 2 churches which are Hearts of Jesus and Mary parish located at I. Fernando St., Malanday, Valenzuela City and the other one is parish of the Risen Lord located at 222 T. Santiago St., Veinte Reales, Valenzuela City. For us to know the history behind the 2 churches we went and visited it to conduct an interview and take pictures in the parish.
When I first went to the Heart of Jesus and Mary parish, the parish secretary named Eloisa Bernales gave me a book about the History of their parish and allowed me to copy some important informations about the church

Name: Eloisa Bernales
Position: Parish Secretary
Address: I. Fernando St., Malanday, Valenzuela City
B-day: December 19, 1969
Contact#: 294-1831
Age: 44
            And when we went again on the parish we have given a chance to make an interview to Delo D. Monterde(a secretary of the PCY). He is serving for the church since 2006. He stated that Fr. Dindo Hilario was the first priest who serve on the church since 1997- 2010. He also said that Sto. Kristo and San Juan Bautista are some of the choices that they have been chosen to be the name of the but then they still end up with the name of Hearts of Jesus and Mary parish. Parish commission on youth and he is the secretary of PCY. And before we interviewed Delo Monterde the president of Mother Butler who is Vilma Martin told us that the person we need to interview about the history of the church was Mariconn Dela Obeña she was the Liturgy of the parish unfortunately, Mariconn Dela Obeña was not there, therefore Delo Monterde is the person we asked about some information about Ms. Dela Obeña. He was the assistant of chairman Mariconn Dela Obeña. He said that Mariconn is serving the church since 1999 until present. Mariconn Dela Obeña was the parish commission on Liturgy, former chairman of PCY and one of the members of LECCOM (Lectors & Commentator) and choir

Name: Delo Monterde
Position: PCY secretary
            Parish Commentator (LECCOM)
            Choir Member
            Assistant Chairman of Liturgy
Address: 29 Mendoza St., Malanday, Valenzuela City
Contact #: 09354980923
Age: 20

Additional Information:
► Here are some of the names that could have been the name of the parish
Parish of Sto. Kristo
            This name originated from the fact that the Patron of the chapel of Malanday is the Sto. Kristo
► Parish of St. John the Baptist
            This one almost made it to be the name of our parish but did not. This name was suggested and voted for by our bishop. His excellency Rolando J. Tria Tirona. It was suggested for the reason that our parish was declared as Quasi- Parish on, June 24 the feast of St. John the Baptism but then again, this name never made it.

PCY Officers
Chairman: Cherry Rose Marcelo
Vice Chairman: Analyn Medina
Secretary: Delo D. Monterde
Treasurer: Elaine Chongco
Auditor: Mark Angelo Dela Cruz

            Aside from Delo Monterde we interviewed Vilma Martin who is the President of the Mother Butler for 15 years. She stated that she is serving the parish for 15 years also since the parish was built. We also asked her for the Mother Butler officers, she stated it as follows. She also mentioned that the Mother Butler has 3 members
Mother Butler Officers
President: Vilma Martin
Vice President: Adelaida Domingo
Secretary: Vernie Acuña
Treasurer: Lucy Lopez
Assistant Treasurer: Auring Caraan

Hearts of Jesus & Mary Parish
            The name of our parish roots from a large pool of suggested names & titles submitted by our parishioners.

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